We utilize a combination of communication vehicles to ensure all employees are reached in the way they feel most comfortable. A personalized benefits portal allows access for all employees whenever, wherever to complete the enrollment process. Whether they access via mobile device, tablet, or PC, they can receive information via email or via messages on the portal to review at their leisure.
Communication equals education, and we know what it takes to implement a successful enrollment.
VEBA successfully delivers employee communications by creating a well-organized communications strategy. We create employee awareness that helps employees make informed decisions.

Digital Communications

Using our digital communication services, you can create emails that drive enrollment. We can save you money by lowering your printing cost and increasing speed.
Client are provided a single source of guidance for:

  • Pre-enrollment planning and internal stakeholder communications
  • Benefit menu selection
  • Carrier and product evaluation and selection
  • Communications development and distribution
  • Enrollment services
  • Billing and deduction management and reconciliation for multiple benefits and carriers
  • Post enrollment and ongoing client customer service
  • Video Communications

    Communication via online video is a growing trend in the benefits world. Whether it's having educational and informative videos available to employees on the benefits portal, or sending out an email with a brief informational video, videos can maximize an employee's comprehension of their options which leads to a higher level of satisfaction in their decision, and with their employer overall.

    Print Communications

    Professional, branded communications are created, printed and distributed to reach employees who prefer to have a tangible pack of information in their hands rather than reading on a screen. Reminder cards can be sent to the employee's respective homes, and informational packets can be distributed to employees during a formal benefits informational meeting in-person.