VEBA enrollment solutions gives you access to call center, self-enroll and on-site enrollment. Our call center provides high-quality personalized customer experiences. Our online self-enroll system provides an enrollment platform that is available anywhere and anytime. Onsite enrollment gives employees the comfortable feeling of an in-person rep onsite to answer their questions.
What separates VEBA from other enrollment firms?

  • We have 23 years of experience in the industry
  • We built our first online enrollment in 2002
  • We manage enrollment data for two Fortune 100 companies
  • We are ready to handle your call center, self-enroll and on-site enrollment needs.

Call Center

With over 23 years of inbound and outbound call center management experience and a multi-client, multi-site call center service bureau background, VEBA continues to provide high-quality personalized customer experiences. We give employees a “high-tech / high-touch” experience where employees can call via a toll-free number and talk to a benefit counselor to complete their enrollment.

Online Enrollment

VEBA has the expertise to make your online enrollment a success. Our turnkey solution becomes your enrollment platform and we pass the data on to the carriers for processing.
As an employer, the enrollment portal can give you a bird's eye view of your product portfolio and the status of your employee's enrollment. Employees will have access to their benefits product offerings and the ease of enrolling at home or in the office. This allows your employees to manage their open enrollment at their own convenience. Call Center support is also available to assist employees with enrollment.
With a simple user interface, employees can see the breakdown of cost per pay period by product. When your employees have a question, our video library makes training easy.

Onsite Enrollment

Technology can be a useful tool, but some decisions are made more comfortably in person. Our experts will come in and make sure each of your employees is enrolled with the right plan for their needs.
We’ve been providing on-site enrollment since 1983, and with 30 years of experience, we’ve got you covered.