Post-Enrollment Deduction Management

We take care of billing and payment processing needs through our sister company (partner) Vision Financial, a licensed third-party administrator. We will work with your client’s payroll department and benefits administrator to integrate into the current payroll and remittance processes. We also manage deduction changes with the client on a weekly basis. We receive the premiums monthly, and then reconcile the invoice and distribute the premium to the respective carriers for their products. There is no limit to the number of products or carriers that our billing system can support.

Proprietary Customer Service Technology System

Our proprietary customer service technology system is an important tool for post-enrollment administration. Your staff and/or your clients can access the system to view enrollment information, and use the system to track issues on an employee level. Important documents such as EOI, and life event related documents can be uploaded to the system to a specific employee record. Enrollment reporting is also available.